The commercial network of BF Commerce & Services consists of independent corporate distributors, qualified and highly motivated to develop direct sales campaigns carefully tailored to the requirements of each client.

Each Independent Distributor has experience in a particular area to ensure that the program and the requirements of the client are fulfilled.

Running your own business, independently of the sector, is difficult and demands time and dedication, in spite of which, most businessmen that become Independent Distributors will tell you that it is a unique opportunity, worthwhile and that the journey is professionally fulfilling, as the rewards are innumerable.

Each ID individually decides if he wants to take part in any of the specific programs of BF Commerce and Services. Once the decision has been taken, he agrees to accept the compliance requirements of the BF Commerce and Service scheme. Just like the Independent Promoters (IP), ID’s also works to guarantee that each one of BF Commerce and Services clients will achieve his goals and to make sure the sales scheme is executed according to our exhaustive patterns.


Each independent promoter turns each program of BF Commerce and Services into a success. As entrepreneurial souls, they create opportunities to ensure their own success while they contribute simultaneously to the growth of our clients.