BF Commerce and Services develops cutting-edge solutions for promotional and face-to-face marketing operations, in order to subsequently implement them to a national, Iberian and international level, by means of its independent sales network.
We pride ourselves in offering avant-garde professional marketing solutions through different distribution channels to create the customized solutions that best suit the needs of each particular client.

| B2B |
Use the power or our team to represent your brand or business. Our B2B model has been tested, verified and offers guaranteed results.

We use our experience in market research and the power of our sales team to grow local business and to promote our client’s brands. This is a more consistent method that generates benefits and it’s useful to recover past clients.

We personalize face-to-face marketing sales and contact generation campaigns that reach high conversion rates.

Our face-to-face sales strategy and a contact generation approach begins with a demographic poll and we work with our clients to develop personalized messages that are transmitted by our independent sales team.


Let the BF Commerce and Service Business Network, formed by Independent Corporative Distributors, carry the message of your brand to a mass market and bring the presence of your business to the biggest national and international markets.

BF Commerce and Services has established relations with the main retail chains in the marketplace and has placed products in the busiest stores, providing an enormous exposure to our client’s brands by bringing their products to thousands of potential buyers. At the same time, we provide an additional source of income to the market. Campaigns count on a fully qualified and highly motivated sales team, that is designed to guarantee a brand image in tune with the selling goals of our client.

Our Independent Promoters team will help you grow your contacts and create the buzz that your brand needs.

We design campaigns to provide qualified contacts to our customers in an environment in which consumers already have a consuming mentality. Thanks to the ability to generate leads in different locations simultaneously, BF Commerce and Services can quickly develop brand awareness and high conversion rates.


Thanks to our expertise in promotional and corporative events we are able to place different brands in front of potential buyers with a very high chance of purchase.

Our corporative marketing program allows the presentation of products to a great number of enterprises and, as a consequence, to all the employees that collaborate with them. Our Independent Promoters work with multinationals and can place products in front of thousands of employees while enabling enterprises to provide special offers and interesting purchasing options for them.


We think, create and manage communication integrated solutions to amplify the brands’ messages and to answer the communities that interact with them.

We develop e-commerce, inbound marketing and social media projects and we integrate the operations with offline activations from a multichannel perspective.