BF Commerce & Services is a leader firm in personalised marketing and direct sales. We feed on a network of independent sales and marketing teams, logistics and financial models that gradually deliver unparalleled results.
We bet on quality in everything we do. All campaigns are prepared to the smallest detail, according to current law and to our client’s requirements, provide guaranteed, measurable and visible results.
Our customised marketing solutions set us apart from our competitors and are carefully tailored to the needs and goals of each particular client.
We are known by the flexibility of our customer acquisition programs.
We are at the frontline of some the most prestigious national and international companies.
We establish long-term relationships with clients and retailers.
We enjoy a good reputation thanks to our constant monitoring of new tendencies and to the application of innovative solutions in our campaigns for both new firms and well-stablished market leaders.
We have solid partnerships with the most well-known retailers in the marketplace.
We are driven by the passion of independent distributors operating in Portugal, Spain and other places around the world.