We promote a global approach to corporative activities that foster creativity, prepare the team members and offers exciting professional opportunities.

BF Group Enterprises stands out for a set of values that cuts across all of their operations:


We focus every day on those moments that decide our position in the future.


As an organization, we focus on results: we set our goals and work ceaselessly until we achieve them.


We never start anything to do more of the same but to create something different and better.


The revenue generated by our work entails the responsibility of solidarity, as we believe that success is not possible without sustainable activity.


Our success is reinforced by the confidence we deserve from our contributors, clients and associates.

Our mission is to provide a unique opportunity for progress, personal and professional realization to anyone that is prepared to commit to the BF system, that has been producing results of excellence for over 40 years. This mission reflects in our company motto that, after 20 years, still remains current and consistent: “The best opportunity in the world!”
The goal of BF Commerce & Services is to implement and execute face-to-face marketing campaigns and personalised sales solutions through a dynamic and independent sales network that creates business opportunities for enterprises of all sizes, anywhere, in order to achieve unparalleled results when compared to traditional sales and marketing models.