A multifunctional team that works hand in hand with the sales teams to manage operations, launch and maintain campaigns, to reach and surpass the client’s expectations and makes sure that the budgets and deadliness established are accomplished, in accordance with the quality requirements of BF Commerce & Services.

BF Commerce & Services is set to provide the most appropriate face-to-face marketing solutions for each campaign. Our department supervises the personalization of sales strategies and client’s programs. The team works in coordination with other departments to guarantee a correct campaign implementation, to manage the logistics of the operations, monitor the existing stock and to facilitate the general guidelines of the global approach. They are also responsible for monitoring results and recommend changes that might help to improve the performance and support the progress and successful execution of the client objectives.


At BF Commerce & Services it is fundamental that both our clients and, also, their own clients, enjoy a superb experience from the initial presentation to the troubleshooting centre. The Customer Service team focuses on immediately finding a solution to the doubts and questions of the last client. In order to achieve excellence at what we do, BF Commerce & Services provides its clients with the necessary confidence to allow them to focus on their core-business.


The Retail Compliance department is in charge of ensuring adherence to the retailer’s requirements, and provides personalised communication with shops and the internal management team, making sure that the retailer’s requirements or any problem are immediately dealt with. The department offers constant communication in order to maximise the campaign success and to improve the experience of our client and, finally, the consumer.


BF Commerce & Services knows that success comes from integrity, ethical business practice and the ability to respond.
Bearing this in mind, we are aware of the importance of complying with the requirements of each campaign. This is why we have a team whose focus is to make sure that each independent distributor complies with the applicable laws and with the requirements of the client and the retailer.
BF Commerce & Services is capable of approaching any compliance issues that might arise, in an appropriate manner, to ultimately guarantee the success of the campaign.